Exhibition – Thomas Becket, murder and the making of a saint

A major new exhibition at the British Museum running from the 22nd of April to the 22nd of August 2021.


For the first time since its creation in the early 13th century, one of the Cathedral’s medieval Becket Miracle Windows is going on display in the British Museum’s exciting new upcoming exhibition, ‘Thomas Becket, murder and the making of a saint’. The exhibition, which opens on the 22nd of April, marks the 850th anniversary of the archbishop’s brutal murder, which led to him being made a saint in 1173. His shrine in Canterbury Cathedral became an important focus for pilgrimage over the following centuries.
The Miracle Window is one of only seven that remain of a set of twelve. They depicted the life, martyrdom, and the miracles attributed to the saint. They were created between the 1180s and 1220 to surround his now-lost shrine in the Cathedral’s Trinity Chapel.
Exciting new research undertaken by The Cathedral Studios in collaboration with an expert on the Becket Miracles, Rachel Koopmans of York University, Toronto, revealed a mix-up in the order of certain narrative panels, most likely made after repairs were undertaken in the 17th century. The window has been carefully removed and conserved by The Cathedral Studios, and when displayed in the British Museum the panels will be shown in their originally intended order for the first time in over 350 years.

Link to the British Museum webpage- https://www.britishmuseum.org/exhibitions/thomas-becket-murder-and-making-saint

Link to more information in the main Canterbury Cathedral website- https://www.canterbury-cathedral.org/whats-on/news/2021/01/26/cathedral-treasure-to-be-centrepiece-of-british-museums-becket-exhibition/